Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) was established at St Bernadette's Primary to provide an avenue for the student body to be a part of the school decision-making process, as well as to make the school a better place to 'Come to Learn, Live & Love'.

Through the SRC, all children have the opportunity to communicate their concerns, suggestions and ideas for improving our school. The SRC provides leadership opportunities for its' members, enabling them to develop and model responsibility, honesty, reliability and a commitment to ensuring St Bernadette's School is a happy and safe place.

How it works

There are eight SRC members from Year 6 and four members from Year 5. The newly elected SRC members are presented with their badges and officially recognised at a whole school assembly/liturgy at the beginning of the school year.

The SRC nominate the class group they would like to represent, and after negotiation with the SRC Co-ordinator, they visit those children on a fortnightly basis.

The SRC meet formally with the Assistant Principal every fortnight, to discuss suggestions made by children in K-6, and to create action plans that address these issues or concerns. Other areas are discussed which affect the smooth operation of the school.

The SRC uses a forum approach where all ideas are listened to, discussed thoroughly and a clear action plan is devised to address ideas and concerns.


Fundraising is an integral part of the SRC role. Through raising social awareness, the school community is invited to participate in raising funds for worthwhile causes.

Positive Role Models

Being a member of the SRC carries many responsibilities, but the greatest one is being a positive role model to the other students.

Other responsibilities include:

  • looking after other students and the school environment
  • attempting to resolve issues in the playground
  • listening to ideas and suggesting ways to improve the school
  • helping everyone feel safe