Religious Education

At St Bernadette’s we strive to be a 'Christ centred' community when we call our students to follow our school motto to 'come to learn, live and love'.

Our goal is for our students to embrace their faith and come to know Jesus in all facets of their lives. We believe that this religious dimension should be present in classrooms, on the playground and in the interactions with each other and the wider community.

The Religious Education curriculum is called Sharing Our Story. This program of learning is based on the theology, scripture, doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church and is taught in relation to the child’s life experiences.

As a Catholic school, we are committed to quality education where Catholic values are embedded across all subject areas.

We work in close partnership with our parish. Our school also encourages our students to be involved with social justice and outreach opportunities in the wider community. We encourage our students to live as Jesus did in servant leadership.